From natural arches to power brows, this season’s hottest looks are all about fierce eyebrows.- Groom your brows with the Brow Styling Gel, designed for easy application with a mascara-style wand, or go for a stand-out look with the four-piece Brow Sculpting Kit. Each long-lasting formula dries to a lightweight finish, offering comfortable, all-day brow control. Take inspiration from the catwalks and wear your super-styled brows with minimal makeup—your perfectly defined arches are all the impact you need.

Brow Styling Gel ($4.49): Tame, enhance, and beautify brows with this styling gel. A mascara-style precision applicator makes it easy to brush brows into just the right shape, defining and enhancing each hair. The lightweight, long-lasting gel sets fast, giving you all-day perfection. A palette of three tinted versions and one clear variety lets you choose from a natural look or high-impact brows, and each gel sets with a non-sticky shine. Packaged in a sleek tube embellished with a Union Jack in white silver, this gel makes defined brows simple. AVAILABLE SHADES: Blonde (001,) Medium Brown (002,) Dark Brown (003,) Clear (004)


Brow Sculpting Kit ($4.49): For a bolder, sculpted look, this four-piece kit includes styling wax, setting powder, a specially designed double-ended brush, and a spooly brush, giving you everything you need to create a gorgeously groomed brow. First, shape your brows by applying the styling wax with angled brush, using smooth strokes to define and contour. Next, use the other end of the brush to blend the setting powder, filling in sparse areas with as much color as you dare. Finish by using the spooly brush to lock in the look. With three color palettes, you can match your natural hue or go a shade darker for even more impact. AVAILABLE SHADES: Blonde (001,) Medium Brown (002,) Dark Brown (003)

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Eyebrow Liner ($1.99) -Want that little detail that changes it all? The secret is out with new Lovatics by Demi Eyebrow Liner. Complete your perfectly poised look like your favorite stylishly cool star and create a work of art with long wear color that easily defines natural brows in high definition. The pencil easily glides for color application while the built in brush enables you to groom and shape your brows for a masterpiece only suitable for the Met. Make the difference in shades Medium Brown and Dark Brown

NYC New York Color Showtime Lash & Brow Clear Mascara ($2.99)- GROOM YOUR LASHES & EYEBROWS FOR A PERFECTLY DEFINED LOOK! NYC New York Color Lash & Brow Clear Mascara grooms and defines for flawless lashes and eyebrows. Transluscent formula allows versatility for groomed lashes and eyebrows. Contains provitamins for hair lash health



Instant color that builds into the perfect natural-looking tan

New from the self-tanning experts at Sally Hansen: AIRBRUSH SUN® Instant Tanning Mousse, a light, velvety mousse that dries in a minute to deliver an immediate natural sun kissed look. Build to a tanned look in just one hour. The mousse, with fast-acting technology glides on smooth and quickly absorbs into skin providing an even, fast, and flawless color that develops in an hour into a tan that lasts up to seven days. Perfect for any season, Sally Hansen: AIRBRUSH SUN® Instant Tanning Mousse is formulated with exclusive coconut water extract and provides a seamless tan leaving the skin smooth. This mousse is transfer-resistant and streak-free without the self-tanner odor. Look flawless and get the perfect glow in minutes!

Sally Hansen AIRBRUSH SUN® Instant Tanning Mousse is available in 2 shades: 01 Medium & 02 Dark

Price & Availability: Sally Hansen AIRBRUSH SUN® Instant Tanning Mousse, SRP $13.99, hits shelves beginning July 2016.

Organic Aromas Raindrop – Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

Organic Aromas Raindrop – Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy





  • The most effective diffuser of pure Essential Oils on the market. Silently nebulizes using the Bernoullis Principle. Perfect for aromatherapy, place in the spa, office, bathroom, kitchen, classroom or meeting area.
  • Uses No Heat or Water Maintaining the Holistic and Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils. Has “volume” switch to precisely control how much oil you diffuse.
  • Low energy consumption, the unit has a Usage Cycles of 2 minutes On, and 1 minute Off.  Auto Shut-off after 120 minutes. Excellent atomizing performance requires little essential oil to saturate the air quickly. Under ideal conditions can “service” a room of up to 80sqm (800+ sq ft).
  • The unit measures approximately 25cm (10 inches) tall and 15 cm (6 inches) wide. It features soothing LED Mood Lighting. It works on any electrical outlet (110 or 220v) and comes with the electrical plug adapter for your market (USA, UK, EU, Australia, etc).
  • Refined and elegant hand-made wood base and custom-blown glass diffuser makes the device a work of artistic craftsmanship. The unit is the perfect gift for any occasion.

The Raindrop is perhaps the most substantial and unique essential oil diffuser in the Organic Aromas collection. With a large, rounded plantation hardwood base and a striking conical glass reservoir with candle-wick top, this piece is right at home in the bath, spa, or beauty parlor. Wherever one requires the highly-valued therapeutic benefits bestowed by our signature essential oils coupled with the panache and artistic touch of a contemporary sculpture, the Raindrop is right at home. Sparkling rainbow LED carousel lighting creates an enchanting atmosphere as the piece works to diffuse its precious contents.

The Raindrop is a versatile, effective and therapeutic aromatherapy diffuser that does not use heat or water. The device is clean, safe, uses very little energy and is completely quiet. This nebulizing diffuser uses pure essential oil.




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How It Works



No need for heat – essential oil composition is not transmuted                                                       No need to add water – essential oil will not emulsify/corrode
Complete diffusion of 100% of the oil without diluting it’s purity
Uses limited power and a safe DC voltage adapter with extremely long life
Quiet – can be used at night or very discreetly

Essentially, our Ionic Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser is safe, quiet, makes no mess, requires no heat, uses little electricity and does not put water into the air.

Furthermore, our Ionic Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser allows for the most complete, effective dispersal and reliable rendering of both the natural scent and the therapeutic value of 100% pure, organic essential oils

Charmsies must have festival accessory!


Must-have festival accessory for your hair

Soaring temps, hot bands and cool styles all signal the start of the summer festival season, and with Charmsies, your locks are sure to be festival ready.

A must-have in addition to your water bottle, sunscreen and cut-off shorts, Charmsies is a fun new hair accessory created by celebrity hair stylist Kiara Bailey. These cool hair decorations have been seen on a diverse range of celebs including Kelly Osbourne and Bella Thorne, and they were featured in the 2015 Disney hit movie “Cinderella.”

Charmsies are available in stylish shapes like hearts, stars and pyramids, and colors range from silver and gold to hot pink and black. They are easy to apply and look great on people of all ages; all you need is a hot flat iron or curling iron to affix to almost any hair type.

For just $10, you (and your hair) will be ready to dance the night away at Cochella, Stagecoach, Movement Electronic Music Festival or Bonnaroo. Get charmed with Charmsies at



Steps on How to do:

Step 1: Cut the sheet in quarters or to best suit your style preference. Peel off the white backing from the sticker of Charmsies. Apply sticky side down to hair as desired.

Step 2: Using a med temperature (350 F 175 C) flat-iron, tap each section of charms for 4-6 seconds, which activates adhesive.

Step 3: Gently peel back sticker reveal Charmsies. If a charm doesn’t affix, repeat the process. Note: Some charms may not adhere

Roll over image to zoom in Holly LifePro Travel Toiletry Bag, Personal Organize Cosmetic Bag

Holly LifePro Travel Toiletry Bag, Personal Organize Cosmetic Bag



Perfect for organizing your personal, household, and travel items, suitable for both home and travel
300D polyester, PVC backing
Intend Use: Travel, Luggage Add-on, Mess kit, small travel bag
Easy to clean waterproof lining and pockets.
2 Side zippered compartment, extra hanging hook Fits all the bathroom and shower essentials About color difference: we all items are for real shooting; For technology, display, light, environmental reasons may be a slight deviation phenomenon, please in kind prevail



I got to try this product for free in exchange for this review so my opinion is 100% honest 

I absolutely love this tolitrey bag it’s great for. Traveling it fits a lot of  stuff inside of it and it’s super durable .. I love how it opens up and hangs up so you can easily access your stuff .. It comes in 3 colors and  you can get it for an affordable price at the link I provided above

Night Out drug Store style 


Night out Drug store Style

PERT Plus Classic Clean ($3.97;

You can’t beat a classic, and PERT Plus Classic Clean is no exception. It’s stood the test of time because it’s built to add shine and manageability, without the fluff the two step process.

NEW! bodycology Toasted Sugar Moisturizing Body Wash ($3.99; Walmart)

Toasted Sugar is a warm and sensual fragrance with a blend of Amber, Orange, and Vanilla. This Moisturizing Body Wash is infused with Vitamin E and Grape Seed Extract that provides conditioning and hydration.\

göt2b mind blowing fast dry hairspray ($7.49; mass retailers nationwide)

IONIC+ Power and Micro-Diffuser Technology offers fast drying time and flexible hold so you can run your fingers through your hair to achieve the perfect blowout.

DenTek Fresh & White Silky Whitening Floss Picks ($2.47; Walmart)
The FIRST and ONLY floss picks on the market that provide advanced whitening with micro-crystals, to polish away food and plaque and promote a whiter, brighter smile! They feature Gentle Silk Floss for easy cleaning between tight teeth and have a built-in tongue cleaner to keep breath fresh.

BRUT Overdrive and Stamina 48hr Odor Protection Deodorant ($2.49;
Capture the Essence of Man with these new scents from Brut – Overdrive and Stamina. The deodorants provide optimum coverage with Odor Protection Technology lasting up to 48 hours, making this a staple gym bag product.
Overdrive – Captures the cool, calming and fresh scent of clean white linen with a combination of top citrus notes and green herbaceous.

bodycology Sweet Seduction Fragrance Mist ($3.99; Walmart)
Entice with this succulent blend of fresh petals and apple. For a splash of fragrance and energy, spritz lightly on wrists, neck and shoulders- or for all-over freshness, spray into the air and let the fine mist gently surround you.

Chop Saver 

Invented by professional trumpet player Dan Gosling, ChopSaver is the all-natural, herbal lip balm formulated specifically for brass or woodwind musicians. The moment a musician forms his embouchure (AHM-bu-shyur: lip placement on the mouthpiece) to make music is not the time to be worrying about chapping, soreness or inflammation. But those things can happen after repeated practice or performance – even to the most seasoned professional. See what some of the top performers in the music field have to say about ChopSaver.

If it works for them, imagine what it will do for you! ChopSaver relieves the irritating and even painful symptoms of chapping, swelling and fatigue sometimes associated with playing a trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, baritone, tuba, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon or even harmonica! And if you don’t play a wind instrument, know that you are using the most effective lip treatment on the market today!

My opinion :

I’m so happy I have this opportunity to tell you about ChopSaver. This is the first time that I’ve heard and tried ChopSaver and I must tell you that Canadian winter will not have a brutal effect on my lips anymore! With Gosling’s ChopSaver Lip care my lips are hydrated and protected from the cold but also the heat. They feel so moisturized, smooth and soft. Chopsaver is an amazing lip care product that truly nourishes my lips. I also feel great knowing it is 100% Natural and has no petroleum, gluten or lanolin. ChopSaver also soothes lips if you have Severe chapping and cheilitis, PDT treatments, side effects of acitretin, fever blisters and cold sores. It is smooth, gentle and long-lasting. It is made with organic butters and oils. Chop Saver is fully compliant with the latest FDA regulations for Broad Spectrum Protection.